Matcha Premium BIO

Our Premium matcha is silky, soft and heavenly. 
It will sharpen your mind and provide with a sensation which can be called "calm awakening". You can find many matchas on the market which are all from different levels and grades. Premium is a matcha for a person who looks for quality and super taste.

Origin: Aichi, Japan

Amount: 30g

Our recommended preparation method:

1. Add 0,5 ts of matcha powder into pre-warmed matcha bowl (chawan)

2. Then pour just about 120 ml of water (85-90C) in two parts. First pour 1/3 of the water onto the powder. Whisk thoroughly with bamboo whisk (chasen)

3. Then pour the rest of the water and whisk more in quick M-shaped motions until it´s foamy. The smoother the foam the better.

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